The Heart & Soul of Songsaa

According to Hawaiian custom, Kuleana (Koo-leh-ah-nah), the Hawaiian word for responsibility, is to be given only to those who demonstrate their readiness and worthiness to handle the privilege.

We believe that as Humans and Stewards of the Earth we all have Kuleana.

We are in deep prayer with the beauty of the natural world.

We are committed to our own healing and our ever mysterious personal transformation.

Songsaa Hawaii’s mission is to create exquisite products that inspire embodied wisdom and a path of beauty...

Our Products, Our Promise

At Songsaa Hawaii we are creating the products we want to see in the world as a reflection of the way we live; naturally as possible, with intention and love.

We know without a doubt that true wealth is our greatest health.

We believe authentic beauty exudes when we are aligned with nature, our core values and our heart's song.

We take care of our minds, bodies, hearts and spirits everyday, as a way of being.

To the Ones who walked before us

We are humbled daily by the incredible beauty that surrounds us.

With deep reverence we acknowledge the land upon which we live and create on the north shore of Kauai, the homeland of the Hawaiian people.

We bow deeply to co-founder Penny's ancestors who were lost in the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge.

Songsaa is our offering and devotion to, as Rumi says, "take the pain and do something beautiful."

I am addicted to Songsaa Hawaii oils ~ a necessary beauty item handcrafted by beautiful Penny. I apply her oils post surf or bath, taking my time to savor each ingredient, lingering on the roses in particular, and I can feel the LOVE soaking into my skin.

Liz Goldwyn
Author and Founder of The Sex Ed


We are a health-conscious brand focused on overall well being of mind, body & spirit, utilizing only the highest quality of natural & non-toxic ingredients.

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